Sunday, February 10, 2013


Guess what everyone? This time next month Kelsey and I will be on our way to Haiti with our massive amount of supplies!  And it will definitely be warmer than what Nemo has left all of us in the Northeast with.

We have officially raised $735 thanks to everyone who has donated through here, through the newspaper articles and through the chemistry department at Conn.  We cannot express how grateful we are to all of you!  We would love to raise even more in order to buy everything we originally planned for so if you have not donated yet and think you would like to support a great cause go right ahead :-)  Our ideal goal would be $1000!

Now we have to start buying supplies, making first aid kits and planning lessons to teach!  If anyone has any opinions on great first aid lessons for us to plan feel free to leave a comment or let us know. You have all helped us so much and you deserve a say in what we will teach.

Thanks for all the support and keep the donations coming!

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